Products - Platon by Adam Gajdos

Made to last forever in spirit and material efficiency. As the name implies, the design follows Platon’s philosophy and geometry; striving for beauty, simplicity, completeness and nature’s ratio. Each item is handmade, a unique piece of art.
The numbered stainless steel buckle is time-resistant and will potentially be a well preserved artefact excavated from beneath the ruins of a long forgotten town in 2000 years’s time, from an age where everything was disposable.

The belt and the wallet are made from durable cowhide. I only use environmentally friendly and non-toxic premium materials. It is common to find natural markings and shade variations on the surface of the skin due to processing and vegetable tanning; hence each item is unique in appearance and character.
The design of the wallet is guided by the same principles as of the belt. The particularity of the wallet lies in its pattern - made from one piece of hide, folded and stitched.

Having regard to the high quality and elaboration of the product, there are only 12 available in the whole wide world. As an artist, I am unable to create wholeheartedly a piece of art in large numbers. Wallets cannot be ordered separately. Please allow up to 2 months for orders as they are all custom-made in the selected colours and sizes.