About me

Adam Gajdos
I was born on 11 November 1986 in Pecs, Hungary. I have been surrounded with art since my childhood. I studied to be a gold/silversmith at Pecs Secondary School of Fine Arts, then studied Sculpture at the University of Pecs with outstanding results. In the third semester I realised it was not what I wanted; my life seemed miserable and depressing. I wanted to change the world. I left university and everything behind though I was not sure about what to do next. All I had was the desire to create something big. In 2007, I backpacked Europe on a budget, hitchhiking and cycling around just like a wanderer. Somehow I always managed to make ends meet by drawing, doing tattoos or making sand art on the beach. I learnt to turn inwards, let things go and re-interpret my problems. I had good and bad times, which taught me how to appreciate good things in life. Slowly I realised that the world I wanted to change so badly was inside of me regardless where I was or what problems I was escaping from. With half an Euro in my ripped shorts pocket I found happiness and myself, overcoming my own barriers. On my return in 2012 the world opened up for me. I had changed, my circumstances remained the same. I started creating a world for me, I only do what I was born for, when I feel like it, freely and without compromise. I would like to share my work with those who appreciate that extra I am able to offer.


About my missinon

‘Restore prestige of the belt’

Nowadays belts have unduly lost their prestige and are often overlooked in fashion houses. I see a man’s belt as an accessory - as defining as his shoes or his watch. It tells a lot about its wearer, it keeps his trousers up and - in a symbolic meaning - a belt keeps a man’s dignity. A belt embraces just like a mother and a father. The buckle represents the pole of the receptive mother, whereas the belt signifies the pole of the phallic father. In some ancient cultures a belt indicated social position. In my country, Hungary, at the age of 7, children used to be equipped with a belt at a lavish ceremony. These belts were then imprinted and embellished with their merits throughout their life. So I decided to make a belt in the 21st century which tells a lot about you and is for life.